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Dr. Jeanine Wolf

“For years my mother suffered from debilitating migraine headaches, they would last for days at a time,” says Dr. Jeanine Wolf.

Federal Way Chiropractor

Dr. Jeanine Wolf

She couldn’t tolerate any light or sound, I couldn’t even whisper to her. It was difficult to see my mom in so much pain, I felt helpless.” admits Dr. Wolf, “I was desperate to help her so I would spend hours massaging her back, but it wasn’t until she sought chiropractic care that she found relief.” Dr. Wolf continues “Her headaches completely went away; her response to chiropractic was absolutely amazing. After seeing my mom’s results I knew I wanted to pursue a life in chiropractic.”

Dr. Jeanine Wolf-Richter received her undergraduate studies at North Dakota State School of Science, where she studied the basic sciences such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, along with basic physiology and anatomy courses.

Once Dr. Wolf completed her undergraduate degree she went on to receive a Chiropractic Technician Degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer her courses included; patient care, exercise physiology, radiology, physical examination techniques, and a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology.

After five years of working at various chiropractic offices, she went on to Northwestern College of Chiropractic to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Her studies at Northwestern emphasized courses she had taken at Palmer such as patient care and chiropractic radiology, but continued to build her knowledge in areas of manipulation techniques, biochemistry, and nutrition. Upon graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic Dr. Wolf set up her own practice in Federal Way, and has now been practicing in the area for over 18 years.

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Dr. Wolf enjoys continually learning new chiropractic techniques and staying current on related fields of study. Soon she will be adding Chiropractic Neurologist to her list of credentials; she is currently pursuing her diplomat in Neurology.

It’s Personal!

Dr. Wolf originally became interested in the field of chiropractic neurology because her son has Sensory Integration Disorder (SID). For those of you who are unfamiliar with SID it is on the autism spectrum and affects the way our brain interprets information. After studying chiropractic neurology she has broadened the scope of her practice to include the treatment of neurological disorders in addition to the treatment of neck and back pain. More than anything she wants the opportunity to help families with children who have neurological conditions such as autism. Her interest doesn’t stop with children though; she is passionate about helping those who have suffered from strokes, seizures, and other adult onset neurological conditions.

Dr. Jeanine and her beautiful family!

Dr. Jeanine and her beautiful family!

She is dedicated to strengthening her understanding of treatment of the spine and joint disorders by reading research and attending post graduate seminars. Her post graduate studies have included a certification in cox disc decompression for lower back, neck and disc injuries. She has taken numerous educational courses in whiplash and spinal trauma, spinal biomechanics and pediatrics just to mention a few.

Dr. Wolf’s enthusiasm for life is noticeable to anyone who meets her. She loves her family and enjoys spending as much quality time with them as possible. If it is a sunny day, you’ll most likely find Dr. Wolf on the golf course. Other activities she enjoys in her spare time are boating, camping, traveling, and entertaining her friends.

Hilarie Skinner – Certified Health Coach

Hilarie has been a member of the Wolf Chiropractic team for over three years and loves every moment of it. She originally started receiving chiropractic care and massage therapy in 3rd grade after being involved in a rear end collision “I was so young when we were rear-ended in that accident and I just remember how much my back and neck hurt, after a few adjustments and massages I was already sleeping better, it was amazing! I’m so thankful that my parents knew about chiropractic and got me checked out right away, I think it made a huge difference in my recovery” Hilarie continues on to say “Chiropractic was so beneficial for my life that my family and I continued maintenance treatments after I recovered from the accident”. Hilarie is the clinic manager at Wolf Chiropractic; it’s an ongoing joke that she is “air traffic control” for our office. When she isn’t directing traffic at the office Hilarie enjoys spending time with her husband, Dan, who she married in 2009 and their dog, a Maltese-Bichon mix, Kuma. Together they love to travel, spend time with friends and family, and love to attend sporting events. She especially loves football and has season tickets to the Huskies… GO DAWGS!

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