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Get a Strong Healthy Spine – The Right Way!

Our goal is to strengthen, improve flexibility, and increase the stability of your spinal muscles big and small. SpineForce is the only equipment designed to target all 180 deep spinal muscles at the same time with the same exercise. When executed properly, strengthening of the lumbar spine is medically proven to:

  • Relieve chronic/recurring low back pain
  • Prevent new back injuries by strengthening spinal and core muscles
  • Increase bone mineral density even reversing osteoporosis of the lumbar spine
  • Decrease the need for invasive spinal surgeries
  • Improve propriception, balance, coordination, and treat neuromuscular disorders (fall prevention, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility
  • SpineForce helps you to reach your weight loss and health goals (improves cardiovascular health, muscle strength, decreases cellulite, etc.)

Heal Injuries

The functional rehabilitation performed with SpineForce utilizes the naturally occurring interaction between neurological input and muscular performance. The oscillating platform on the SpineForce creates an instability that challenges the sensory and motor systems to react and modify each other resulting in improved balance and postural control.

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